What Everybody ought to know about Bhutan Private Tour Packages

As one of the world’s most exclusive destinations, an increasing number of travellers from across the globe are heading for Bhutan to experience its vibrant Buddhist culture and traditions and pristine natural environment.

Bhutan is essentially a cultural destination in that you experience an ancient Buddhist society that is slowly embracing modernity but still very much in touch with its past. You will experience it in the friendly and warm nature of the people, in the dress, food, architecture, music, dance and festivals.

Many visitors come in groups to explore and experience this ancient Buddhist country and to enjoy its amazing and pristine natural beauty. For some Buddhists, the trip to Bhutan is a pilgrimage tour with visits mainly to ancient monasteries and temples.

In recent years a growing number of visitors are coming for adventure sports such as rafting and kayaking and mountain biking as well as for long treks that go to heights of more than 5,000 metres, above the tree line and at the base of unclimbed mountain peaks.

There are also single or solo travellers who want to enjoy a private time in Bhutan and if you are one of them the Bhutan private tours, Bhutan personal tours or Bhutan solo travel might be the ideal package you are looking for.

The private or personal tour packages are so designed to suit the single or solo traveller whether on a cultural circuit or a trekking tour. Besides other requirements a solo traveller might have the tour package comes with a professional and trained (English speaking) guide, accommodation in hotels approved by the tourism council of Bhutan, comfortable vehicles to move around and all other standard facilities afforded to a traveller coming through a Bhutanese tour operator.

If on a trek, the solo traveller will be accompanied by a seasoned trekking guide, a chef and a helper and pack animals will carry equipment and luggage. All accommodation will be tents set up at designated spots. Emergency evacuation by helicopter is a standard requirement for all treks.

Single or solo travellers have the option of upgrading to five star accommodation and going in for luxury trekking. This will come at an extra cost over and above the daily tariff. Let us know your requirements and we can tailor a package that suits your personal requirements.